Kiwi-designed and manufactured car turntable

Built to last in New Zealand conditions


CARousel is New Zealand’s original car turntable system, made from long-lasting materials to ensure a more durable product. CARousel offers a safe, cost-effective and efficient means of turning a vehicle within a confined space, making them an ideal solution for both residential and commercial use, including car parks, showrooms, garages, town house complexes, tower apartments, mezzanines, office blocks, residential homes, theatres and industrial sites. Our car turntables can be configured to suit your needs, with 360-degree rotation and remote-controlled operation from within your vehicle or home. CARousels can also be pre-configured to stop at certain positions, making your drive in and out a breeze!


Now designed and manufactured by one of New Zealand’s leading fabricators and electrical providers, South Pacific Industrial Limited ( an ISO 9001 accredited company, you can be assured of quality. CARousel products meet all NZ standards for safety and strength, with structural engineering design certificates for all models, and guarantees from the manufacturer for quality and endurance. Electrical installations can be carried out using mains power supply or using 24V DC control, which for residential installations provides ease of installation. All products comply with NZS 3404 (Steel Structures), NZS 4203 (General Design and Design Loadings for Buildings) and AS1250 (Steel Structures Code).


Carousel turntables have a long-standing heritage with over 200 installations across New Zealand in many different configurations and many challenging sites including sloping sites of up to 20 degrees. CARousel is a Kiwi initiative, created with our unique landscapes and conditions in mind.



No more reversing: CARousel benefits

Many councils have by-laws that prevent backing out onto busy roads, making the process of parking more difficult than ever. CARousel eliminates this risk and many others, through innovative use of space in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Allows for front-first exit onto busy streets

  • Creates a more attractive outdoor area, reducing parking space needs

  • Reduces/removes excavation and permitting requirements for parking areas

  • Increases safety for pedestrians – particularly children on driveways

  • Allows for multiple vehicle parking and use in confined spaces

  • Increases the value of your home or development

CARousel is kiwi ingenuity at it’s best, delivering a high quality space-saving and safety-conscious product at a reasonable price, to suit all domestic driveway and parking situations.


Use your space more constructively with CARousel: NZ’s original car turntable manufacturers.

There’s a CARousel
to suit your need

Whether you live on a steep site or whether you have multiple tenants in a development: we have the CARousel solution to meet your needs! We have design certificates from qualified structural engineers to ensure our products will stand up to your use – find the CARousel that’s right for you.

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Cost, maintenance
and drainage:
your questions answered

Find out more about the CARousel process: is your site suitable? Is it economical in comparison to building a turning bay? Will the CARousel support a loaded 4x4? Will drainage be an issue?
We answer your questions.

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