Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to position my car in the centre of the turntable?

No! Park anywhere, as long as your wheels are on the turntable.

How much will site preparation and surround work cost me?

If this work is being done in conjunction with a new driveway, then there is very minor extra cost. If the existing drive has to be removed, etc, then this excavation work and new finishing work around the turntable is a cost but not an excessive one.

What maintenance is required?

No scheduled maintenance is required but we recommend that the pit drainage point is checked periodically, to ensure this does not become clogged with debris. The drive and support rollers should also be periodically checked for any wear and adjusted as required.

Where should it be positioned?

Preferably where it can be accessed by all vehicles. Those in the garage and any casuals such as visitors. Just outside the garage is best.

Can children get hurt playing on the turntable?

This is unlikely, however as with any moving machinery, care should always be taken and we recommend that the remote control be kept safe and secure, and away from small children at all times. The turntable should always be operated while in line of sight.

How much room do I need to place a turntable?

The length of the cars likely to be using it. 6 metres in diameter is a desirable size, you must remember that the CARousel diameter is 4 metres.

Do we have to have drainage for the pit?

Yes, a gravity water outlet is necessary, or if this is not possible, we can supply a small pump arrangement (civil works excluded) as an optional extra.

What would happen if a heavy or overweight vehicle tried to use the CARousel?

Our standard design can handle 2 tonnes on the edge, but any vehicle heavier than this should not use it. In this case, please enquire about our commercial products.

My site is on sloping ground. Is this practical for a CARousel?

Yes, we are able to install CARousels on sloping land. We use a centre pole platform or a multi-pole platform depending on the site specifications, and will install flush with existing decking or concrete padding.

Am I able to install the CARousel myself?

Yes. This product arrives in kitset form, and will take one person around 2 days to completely install. We are also happy to provide full installation for an extra cost.

Can I have surfacing on my CARousel to match my parking area?

Yes, the CARousel is able to be surfaced with a variety of finishes.

Can I operate the CARousel remotely?

Yes. The CARousel turntable can be operated either from within your vehicle using the remote control, or manually from a control switch inside your home or garage.

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CARousel is designed and manufactured right here in NZ, so you can be sure of the genuine quality and the high level of customer support. We stand by all of our products 100%, giving you complete peace of mind with your purchase.

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Whether you live on a steep site or whether you have multiple tenants in a development: we have the CARousel solution to meet your needs! We have design certificates from qualified structural engineers to ensure our products will stand up to your use – find the CARousel that’s right for you.

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