CARousel car turntables

Cost-effective solutions for difficult
driveways and tight turning!

CARousel is a New Zealand-designed and manufactured car turntable system, providing a high-quality solution for long-lasting results. Our standard turntable is rated to handle up to 2500kg, with the average family car weighing around 1500kg; making our vehicle turntables extremely safe for domestic and light commercial use. For heavier commercial loads, we are able to tailor-make a CARousel to suit your needs; with larger diameter turntable plates and heavier load bearings as required.


With over 20 years of experience in the New Zealand market, our products are manufactured from galvanised steel structural components and galvanised steel checker or aluminium turntable plates according to your needs. We’re also able to tailor the finish to match your existing surfaces, including the use of pavers, concrete and carpet where appropriate. Turntables can be designed for pit installations, surface mounting or to suit existing or planned structural builds in high rise buildings and mezzanines.


Flat pack delivery,
easy DIY installation

Our CARousel vehicle turntables are supplied in a kitset form, ready to be bolted together onsite. We make the process as hassle-free as possible, including instructional paperwork with every purchase. Of course, we’re more than happy to complete the installation for you if required, making the process fast and easy.


Steep slope installations
and difficult access

CARousel turntables have been successfully fitted to sloping sites of up to 20 degrees, while small spaces and difficult accessways are the reason these products were created. In short, we have yet to come across a location where the CARousel won’t work – so if you think your site is too tricky, why not ask us first!


Two-car models
and industrial load-bearing

In response to demand, we have developed a range of larger models with increased load bearing capabilities. These larger CARousels are able to turn two cars at a time, with a diameter of 5.4 meters and a load bearing capability of up to 6 tonnes – making these the largest vehicle turntables in New Zealand.


NZ-designed and
direct from factory

CARousel is designed and manufactured right here in NZ, so you can be sure of the genuine quality and the high level of customer support. We stand by all of our products 100%, giving you complete peace of mind with your purchase.

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Cost, maintenance
and drainage:
your questions answered

Find out more about the CARousel process: is your site suitable? Is it economical in comparison to building a turning bay? Will the CARousel support a loaded 4x4? Will drainage be an issue?
We answer your questions.

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